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More Than A Billion Cars In The World Today!

Earlier this year statisticians counted over one billion cars in the world. If you have ever been stuck in a traffic jam in NYC or L.A., you would swear there are a billion cars in each of those cities. The United States has 239.8 million cars registered within its borders. The U.S. continues to be the largest car market in the world, but its growth is slowing.

The majority of the growth in car sales is in Asia. China and India to be specific. Both countries have economies that are finally growing enough that a car is affordable to a large number of people. Beijing is already known for its hours long traffic jams. There have been reports of truckers stuck in traffic there for more than a day at a time – at least Madison auto loan shoppers don’t have to contend with that! The world’s love of cars has allowed the total number of vehicles to double since 1986, when there were 500 million cars around the world.

These numbers do not include motorcycles or scooters. It truly is becoming the planet of the cars. Hopefully, Skynet isn’t able to make cars self aware.  (Sorry for the cheesy Terminator pun.)