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Mercedes Loses $618,000 to the ‘King of the Lemon Laws’ in Court

Vince Megna, self-dubbed the King of the Lemon Laws, has been awarded $618,000 against Mercedes-Benz over a 2005 E-Class sedan that has now been certified by the court as being a real lemon.

Lemon laws have been adopted by every state in the nation since the early 80’s. These laws give car buyers recourse in the case that their new vehicles continually break down. Megna, a Milwaukee-based lawyer, says that he has represented more than 1,500 lemon law cases. He says he has beaten General Motors more than 700 times. His most-recent big win brought to an end a seven-year battle. The $618,000 judgment is a lemon law record that broke the $358,000 judgment record that Megna collected in 2006.