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How Men Should Wear Jewelry

Can men wear jewelry? Women wear it all the time but about men? Will you look like less than masculine if you wear jewelry? How come women can wear it but men can’t? If you are looking to add a little bling to your image quality than read on. First off, before you can wear that jewelry, you better know a little bit of history. why do people wear jewelry? In Roman times only men of high status were permitted to wear jewelry such as rings. Fast forwarded to the twenty-first century, anything goes especially if you are into the hip hop culture. According to a fashion article, even though culture has made it more and more acceptable for men to wear jewelry, you should still adhere to certain rules. The three simple rules that men should follow that in regard to jewelry are: simplicity, good taste, and stay away from ostentation. While women wear jewelry as a centerpiece to their outfit men should wear jewelry as a complement to their outfit. According to another article, men should wear jewelry that appears natural. This means no big gem stones or anything that looks fake. Costume jewelry is obviously fake, clunky and out of the ordinarily looking therefore, men should stay clear of this type of jewelry. A man’s jewelry should be stylish but not necessary noticeable. For an example, a nice watch would be a great touch for a man who wanted to wear jewelry. Some other examples of jewelry styles for men include: chains, dog tags, pendants, chokers, watches, cuff links and religious emblems. Some simple rules for men to follow who would like to wear jewelry include: starting off with something simple such as a silver watch or cufflinks, making sure metals match the other metals, making sure to follow any dress code when wearing jewelry, and how and where it should be placed such as a ring or a religious emblem.

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