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CUNA Mutual Group Offers Smartphone Banking at Car Dealerships

Buyers of cars have a new way to finagle auto finance deals, a new car loan smart phone application, the Loanliner. Designed and offered by CUNA Mutual Group, the app gives car shoppers the power and convenience many shopper already enjoy while buying books, grocery shopping and banking. The Madison, Wisconsin-based company has been giving […]

Mercedes Loses $618,000 to the ‘King of the Lemon Laws’ in Court

Vince Megna, self-dubbed the King of the Lemon Laws, has been awarded $618,000 against Mercedes-Benz over a 2005 E-Class sedan that has now been certified by the court as being a real lemon. Lemon laws have been adopted by every state in the nation since the early 80’s. These laws give car buyers recourse in […]

Milwaukee Woman Allegidly Falsied Auto Loan Info

Sharon A. Beckford, 48, has been officially charged with fraudulently getting a loan to purchase a vehicle from a dealership in Waukesha earlier in the year. The Milwaukee woman was charged with a felony count of theft, false representation over $10,000, in Waukesha County County Court on March 8. According to court documents, the accused […]

WI Low Income Auto Loans Suspended

The Milwaukee County Social Development Commission’s program of providing short-term, low-interest used-automobile loans to working families has been suspended due to increasing rates of default. The Ways to Work program has had an average default rate of 7%, notably lower than the national average of 10%. However, the SDC’s default rate jumped to 25.9% in […]

Wisconsin Fairs Well in Experian Credit Score Survey

Experian tracks the average credit score of thousands of cities across the U.S. Each year it releases the results of that survey to lenders and news agencies. This year Wausau, Wisconsin took top honors with an average FICO score of 789. It seems everyone pays their bills on time there. Here are how several cities […]

WI Auto Finance Deals: Oshkosh Community Credit Union (OCCU)

Oshkosh Community Credit Union is offering car loans in Oshkosh, WI to new car purchasers at a reduced rate of 2.99% APR. In order to be eligible for this offer, the borrower should be a member of this credit union and have good credit. Not only that, but only vehicles in the model years 2008 […]

More Than A Billion Cars In The World Today!

Earlier this year statisticians counted over one billion cars in the world. If you have ever been stuck in a traffic jam in NYC or L.A., you would swear there are a billion cars in each of those cities. The United States has 239.8 million cars registered within its borders. The U.S. continues to be […]