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Car Loans – Racine (WI)

Would you like to get auto financing in Racine, WI with bad credit or no down payment? At Auto Loans Wisconsin, it’s our mission to help you get your credit approved for less. If you apply online, we will do our best to find you just the right lender, bearing in mind factors like:

  • Where You Live (Racine)
  • Your Credit Score
  • Your Income
  • Your Down Payment

Auto Loans in Racine: The Basics

After you complete your online application, we connect you with the best car loan provider in Racine, Wisconsin for your application criteria. If pre-approved, you will be contacted by your new Wisconsin car loan provider by phone or email. After that, just complete your car loan documentation and pick your car from a local car dealership.

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Financing a Used Car: Racine, WI

Ready to budget for your new car? Typically, it’s best to spend only a fifth of your monthly income for your car payments, fuel, and maintenance. For your typical Racine motorist, this comes out to $404-$449 each month. Don’t fork out more than this. In terms of equity, used auto loans are most advantageous; that’s because brand new cars and trucks lose value too quickly to be a smart financial investment.

Car Loans with Bad Credit: Racine, Wisconsin

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Financing a car when you have bad credit was never so simple. In Racine, WI, the normal consumer has got a credit score of 699. This itself is sub-standard. As you can imagine, quite a lot of men and women are in need of auto loans with bad credit in Racine, WI.

Fortunately for anyone who is searching for a bad credit auto loan in Racine, Wisconsin, we offer access to lenders who don’t just decline applicants who have bad credit. Click here to submit your application online.

Auto Loans in WI
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If you earn more than $1500 per month and have a debt vs income ratio of 50% or lower, your chances of getting approved are quite good.

Tote The Note Financing: Racine, WI

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Many WI buy here pay here lots will allow you to finance a car or truck without a credit check, but what they don’t tell you is this: this diminishes your chances of improving your credit. These dealerships go by a few different names: Tote the Note, Your Job is Your Credit, or in house financing car lots in Racine, WI.

For some shoppers, getting their car loan with no credit check seems awesome. Alas, there are several key downsides. The interest rates and amount due at signing are high; in addition, you will have little chance to restore your credit score through such a dealership.

But don’t get worried, you will find there’s fairly good chance you could get approved for auto loans in Racine, Wisconsin at better financing terms than you could expect at a buy here pay here dealer. Unsure what kind of car to purchase? Read this article about cheap cars in WI.

Racine (WI) Used Car Lots That Might Offer Auto Loans

  • Frank Gentile Toyota, 6801 Washington Ave, 53406
  • Frank Boucher Chrysler Mazda VW KIA, 9601 Washington Avenue, 53406
  • Elmwood Car CO of Racine, 3317 Durand Avenue, 53405
  • Gentile Automotive Group, 6801 Washington Avenue, 53406
  • 1st Choice Auto & Truck Limited, 5913 Douglas Avenue, 53402
  • Frank Boucher Chevrolet, 8600 Washington Avenue, 53405
  • GMC – Palmen Pontiac-Buick-GMC, 6001 Washington Ave, 53406
  • GT Motorsports, 2832 Lathrop Avenue, 53405
  • Frank Boucher Chev Cad Saab, 8600 Washington Ave, 9245
  • Porcaro, , 53108
  • Gentile Nissan, 9501 Washington Ave, 53171
  • Porcaro Ford Mitsubishi, , 53171
  • Frank Boucher Kia – New & Used Cars, 9601 Washington Ave, 923
  • Gentile Automotive Group, 9503 Washington Ave, 53102